-I'm Amber and I'm Bisexual, and I Ship a lot of the Yogscast as well as draw! Uh. That's about it-


Double Bed’s and No Bee’s

Um, yeah? I haven’t written anything lately so I’m gonna do a small thing right now. And as always, I don’t go back and revise or edit this so just ignore any mistakes~

It’ll be of Xephos and Sjin because I love their new series~

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I have a lot of Yogschoodles on my social studies paper and I’ll put them up once I get it back, so there’s an update on that~

Sjin finally getting to Mars and leaving Lewis for Sips

Sjin and Lewis doing their farm and Sjin wanting to sleep in double beds ‘cause he misses Sips and Lewis agrees because he feels bad

Sjin and Lewis getting back into bees again.

Yes It’d be boring but feels are worth it


"You like The Yogscast?"


"They used to be so much better before they gave up on SOI. Now they’re just boring."


I’m going to school dressed up as Anna tomorrow.


u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT

So the mirror of our car is being weird and I looked at it when my dad was talking, but when I looked there was a faint outline of his mouth over a bold reflection of his forehead. I’m dying. It was a forehead with a mouth.